Can I Check The Status Or Track My Existing Senior Order?

    Yes, log in to your account here and click on the “orders” tab to check the status or track your existing order. read more

    Why did I Receive A Portfolio? I Do Not Remember Requesting One.

    Cady sends out a hand-stuffed Portfolio to every Senior who completes one of our Traditional sessions. This information is given in the Terms and Conditions when you booked your session. We feel that Graduation is a huge milestone, one that deserve... read more

    I Didn't Receive My Portfolio.

    Some students do not receive portfolios for a number of reasons. If you completed a Most Popular, or one of our Elite sessions, we offer an in-person viewing presentation for these images! These sessions come with some fun surprises during your pre... read more

    Can I Confirm Or Reschedule My Senior Session Presentation?

    Yes, you can confirm your presentation’s date and location or reschedule if needed by logging into your account here and click the “Events” tab.  read more

    Can I Keep The Portfolio I Received?

    Yes, of course! The cost for this is $150 (plus tax & shipping) if purchased by itself by your deadline date. After your deadline, the portfolio costs $200 plus tax & shipping. The portfolio is also FREE in any Senior package valued over $399!  read more

    What Happens If I Do Not Return My Portfolio?

    If the portfolio is not returned by the end of the 60-day deadline, the card on file will be charged the full retail value of the portfolio. This is $200 plus tax & shipping.    The deadline is set 60 days from the date of your session.  read more

    How Can I Purchase or Return My Senior Portfolio?

    You have received your portfolio! Now, it is time to decide whether to keep it or return it. If you want to keep your portfolio, you can purchase it online! You can buy it at a discounted price of $150 + tax and shipping before the deadline. If you... read more

    My Portfolio & Proofs Look Awesome! Can I Order Another?

    Yes, you can log in at any time to make any purchases. If you are in the process of ordering a package, you will have the option to add extra portfolios to it during checkout. Additional portfolios will be the regular retail price of $200.  read more

    I Love My Senior Images! Can I Place An Order?

    Yes, log in to your account here and click on the “order now” button at the bottom of the page to place your Senior order. If you have a Most Popular or Elite session, you will be prompted to set up a presentation!  read more

    Have You Lost Or Misplaced Your Personalized Link To Your Senior Images?

    Please log in to your Senior Dashboard at to view your images.  read more

    I Ordered A Senior Digital Download. Now What?

    You should receive an email shortly after your order is complete. It will include a link to download your images. You can also check your dashboard. If your order includes Premier Retouching please allow 2-4 business days for the production team to... read more

    I'm Having Trouble With My Senior Image Download

    We’re sorry that you’re having problems but we’re here to help! We send your images in a zipped file, but they must be downloaded using an up-to date browser on a desktop computer–not your phone or tablet. If you are still having trouble, please re... read more

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