Frequently Asked Session Questions

How Can I Tell What Dates & Times Are Available For Senior Sessions?

Our Studio and School Roadshow availability is shown on our website and is based on the session and scene options that are chosen, which means the availability can vary. The session dates are also in extremely high demand, so these tend to book up ... read more

CADY Studios Text Messaging Terms and Conditions

    Cady Studios, LLC (“Cady,” or “we” or “us”) provides a Short Message Service (“SMS”) so that you have the option to receive text messages from us under the terms and conditions set forth below.  Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully ... read more

What is a Yearbook Only Session?

Some schools partnered with CADY elect to offer Yearbook Only sessions to their students. If your school chooses to have a Yearbook Only session, you will be advised of this later in the year. Yearbook Only sessions include only photos on the Yearb... read more

What Is A Senior Session?

“Session” simply refers to your photo shoot with CADY. It could range from a basic yearbook photo plus a cap and gown session to an all-out private photography experience including twelve locations and hair and makeup styling. Then, of course, ther... read more

What Type Of Senior Session Should I Choose?

It’s your senior year, so choose the session that fits you best. If you have your eye on just one scene, go Simple. If you’ve been looking forward to going all out, spring for Elite Unlimited. Or you can always just go with the essentials with Most... read more

What's Included In My Senior Session Fee?

Your session fee is equivalent to a "sitting fee". It includes you cap and gown scene, formal scene (tux or drape) and your casual scene(s). This fee ensures your photos are entered into the yearbook. No prints or product are included in your sessi... read more

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Frequently Asked Portfolio & Order Questions

Can I Check The Status Or Track My Existing Senior Order?

Yes, log in to your account here and click on the “orders” tab to check the status or track your existing order. read more

Why did I Receive A Portfolio? I Do Not Remember Requesting One.

Cady sends out a hand-stuffed Portfolio to every Senior who completes one of our Traditional sessions. This information is given in the Terms and Conditions when you booked your session. We feel that Graduation is a huge milestone, one that deserve... read more

I Didn't Receive My Portfolio.

Some students do not receive portfolios for a number of reasons. If you completed a Most Popular, or one of our Elite sessions, we offer an in-person viewing presentation for these images! These sessions come with some fun surprises during your pre... read more

Can I Confirm Or Reschedule My Senior Session Presentation?

Yes, you can confirm your presentation’s date and location or reschedule if needed by logging into your account here and click the “Events” tab.  read more

Can I Keep The Portfolio I Received?

Yes, of course! The cost for this is $150 (plus tax & shipping) if purchased by itself by your deadline date. After your deadline, the portfolio costs $200 plus tax & shipping. The portfolio is also FREE in any Senior package valued over $399!  read more

What Happens If I Do Not Return My Portfolio?

If the portfolio is not returned by the end of the 60-day deadline, the card on file will be charged the full retail value of the portfolio. This is $200 plus tax & shipping.    The deadline is set 60 days from the date of your session.  read more

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Seniors - Scheduling

How Do I Get Ready for My Senior Session?

To start, bring several different outfits and accessories. The more outfits, the better! This will help us capture your personality and ensure that there's plenty of variety in your photos.   If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, bring supp... read more

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