Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Retro 5x7s?

Retro 5x7s are a product that CADY offers to our Underclass students with certain package purchases. Any time a 'Premier' package is ordered from our pre order options, a sheet of (2) Retro 5x7s is included as a free gift.  Retro 5x7s would be a sh... read more

What If I Missed Underclass Picture Day?

If you were out of school on picture day, you’ll be able to make up your photo on a scheduled retake day. This day should be advertised around your school, but you can always check with the yearbook advisor. Please notify your student's teacher bef... read more

If I Didn't Pre-Order, Can I Still Purchase Underclass Photos?

Yes! You can place your order online here. read more

How Long Are My Underclass Photos Available?

Your images are archived at the end of every school year. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve Underclass photos prior to Summer 2022.  read more

How Do I Pay For My Underclass Photos?

You can pay online here with a credit or debit card. read more

What's An Underclass Token Number?

A token is an 5-digit number that allows you to view your photos online without having to register. Simply visit the underclass ordering site here and enter your token in the box provided. read more

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