How Do I Get My Athletic Proofs?

    All athletic proofs will be mailed to your school. If you aren’t sure if you’ve received them yet, check with your coach. read more

    What Is A Token Number?

    All athletes are assigned an 5-digit token number that you can use to view your photos online. If you can’t find your token, please click here and search for your images by your athlete’s information. read more

    How Do I Get My Athletic Token Number?

    You’ll find your token number inside the athletic proofs sent to your school. We will also email you your token when the proofs ship, as long as you gave us your email address. read more

    Have You Lost Or Misplaced Your Personalized Link To Your Athletic Images?

    You're able to search for your images by clicking here. read more

    How Do I Order Athletic Photos?

    Use the token number found in your proofs to log in to our online ordering system. From there, you can view and order your athletic portraits as well as purchase prints and custom products.   read more

    Is There Any Way You Can Enhance Or Personalize My Athletic Photos?

    Definitely. You have several options: 1. Personalized wallets: Customize your wallet prints by adding your student’s name and school year. 2. Retouching: Have us soften your complexion or lighten your teeth. If you purchased premier retouching plea... read more

    How Do I Pay For My Athletic Photos?

    Use your credit card online at the time of purchase. read more

    When Can I Expect To Receive My Athletic Order?

    You can start looking for them 1-2 weeks after you place your order. Your order will be shipped to your home. If you purchased premier retouching please allow 2-5 extra days for your photos to finish the editing process. (Orders can not be delivere... read more

    I Ordered An Athletic Digital Download. Now What?

    You should receive an email shortly after your order is complete. It will include a link to download your  Athletic images on your desktop computer. read more

    I'm Having Trouble With My Athletic Image Download.

    We’re sorry that you’re having problems but we’re here to help! We send your images in a zipped file, but it must be downloaded on a desktop computer–not your phone or tablet. If you purchased premier retouching please allow 2-5 extra days for your... read more

    My Athletic Pictures Look Awesome! Can I Order More?

    If you’ve already made a purchase, you can log in at any time to make additional purchases. If you are in the process of ordering a package, you will have the option to add extra photos during checkout. read more

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