Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Sell The Cap And Gown?

We do not. However, we do have gowns that can be used during your session! We have the exact caps and gowns for each school we are contracted with. read more

How Will I Know If CADY Will Be Photographing My School's Graduation?

Please view the list here for details. read more

How Will My Graduation Images Be Taken?

Our photographers will be taking photos all throughout the live event. We will photograph each student on stage while receiving their diploma and after exiting the stage. read more

How Long After Graduation Will My Images Be Available?

Your Graduation images will be available to view and purchase about 48 hours after the event! read more

How Do I Get My Graduation Token Number?

We will email you your token 24 hours after your graduation. read more

What Is a Graduation Token Number?

All graduates are assigned an 11-digit token number that you can use to view your photos online. If you received a token, please click here to go to our graduation ordering site and click “Place Order.” read more

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